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Are your stock breathing comfortably?

Airflow is a brand new free-access lick nutritional supplement formulated to maintain a healthy respiratory system in calves and young stock. It is a combined high protein, mineral-vitamin lick bucket containing a unique plant extract supplement. It is formulated to balance deficiencies often found in grazing and forages to help keep stock healthy and productive.

Stresses caused by changes to their environment or feeding patterns, inadequate colostrum intake and even weaning or other trigger factors such as severe weather events can often result in respiratory issues in young cattle. These can be manifest as coughing bouts; dry coughs may be as a result of poor ventilation in buildings, ammonia odours and a dusty environment caused by very dry bedding or rations. Loose coughs lead to an over-production of mucus which can irritate the trachea and interfere with breathing due to seepage in to the bronchi and bronchioles.

Nutritional support combined with carefully selected botanical ingredients can help optimise defences that fight against infection and maintain antioxidant activity. Selected plants and their essential oils are known to provide and give a disinfection effect on the respiratory system, softening of mucus and stimulation of the immune system.

Airflow also provides supplementary nutrition and is recommended where there is a risk of respiratory problems. It should be offered free-access with ad lib forage in addition to the usual ration, but it can replace the standard mineral-vitamin supplement. It also contains high quality rumen by-pass protein and a flavour to ensure consistent intakes.

Offer one bucket per 10-15 head of cattle situated away from the water source if indoors. When fed outside change the feeding site regularly to avoid poaching wet ground. Intakes are typically 50-75g/day with calves and 100-150g/day with young stock. High contents of trace elements, including protected copper and zinc to help to alleviate lock ups, and an ultra-high vitamin E level, also help to support the immune function.

Available in 22.5kg buckets.

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