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Rumenco livestock feeds - Rumevite, Lifeline, SUPAlyx, Beetlic


22.5kg / 80kg

A unique high protein supplement with a controlled intake, combined with natural plant extracts and fermentation products. Particularly useful for cattle housed in low protein forage and sheep in mid pregnancy or hill ewes.


·  Supplies up to 25% more protein than standard protein licks. A combination of rumen degradable and digestible rumen by-pass protein, supports extra performance, growth, milk output and heightened immunity to disease challenges.

·  Manufactured using a unique patented process that maximises available natural sugars for optimal animal performance.

·  Contains Phytotec; to support robust digestive health, accelerated daily gain, and improved feed conversion efficiency.

·  Fortified with essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, to supplement any potential deficiencies in grass and forage.

·  Exceptional weather resistance, with controlled intakes and minimal waste, whatever the weather.


·  Hill ewes and hoggs in mid-pregnancy. Switch to LIFELINE from 6 weeks pre-lambing.

·  Ewe hoggs and shearling ewes to help keep them growing on target.

·  Cattle youngstock over 3 months of age and replacement heifers to help maintain target daily liveweight gain for a 2 year calving. Switch to LIFELINE from 6 weeks pre-calving.

Available in 22.5kg and 80kg buckets.

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