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Rumenco livestock feeds - Rumevite, Lifeline, SUPAlyx, Beetlic


22.5kg / 80kg

A unique high sugar, nutritional energy supplement with a controlled intake, combined with natural plant extracts and fermentation products, for cattle and sheep on forage and compound-based feeding systems.


·   Ultra-high sugar level, containing up to 100% more sugar than standard energy licks, to support feed intake and utilisation.

·   Supplies little and often doses of energy as sugar, to help support rumen health.

·   Manufactured using a unique patented process that maximises the amount of available natural sugars for optimal animal performance.

·   Contains Phytotec; a unique blend of natural plant extracts and fermentation products. Supports robust digestive health, accelerated daily gain, and improved feed conversion efficiency.

·   Fortified with essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, including selenium, cobalt and vitamin E, to supplement any potential deficiencies in grass and forage.

·   Exceptional weather resistance, with controlled intakes and minimal waste, whatever the weather.


·   Cattle and sheep

·   In-lamb ewes in the run up to lambing

Available in 22.5kg and 80kg buckets.

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