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Diamond V XP


Maximise your stock potential with XP

XP is a unique fermentation product containing multiple functional metabolites, such as proteins, polyphenols and organic acids, along with beta-glucans and mannans that work together to support animal health and performance. These compounds and metabolites stimulate the growth and activity of the beneficial bugs in the rumen and gut, resulting in improved rumen function, optimised feed intake and healthier animals that perform to their potential.

Because XP is a fully fermented product, it is very stable in the rumen. It can withstand high temperatures and processing such as that used in compound, mineral, block and bucket manufacturing. XP is suitable for feeding to all classes of livestock, poultry, equine and pets

Rumenco's confidence in the value of XP is based on extensive research carried out, not only in the UK but also worldwide. Previous research has demonstrated various benefits for all types of livestock.

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