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Minimise mycotoxin risk in winter feed and forages

Last week AIC circulated a RASFF (Rapid Alert System Food & Feed) relating to high levels of Aflatoxin in exported Brazilian maize. The affected maize has been identified in Europe, specifically the Netherlands. In conjunction with an increased risk of mycotoxins in 2016 South American soya, Rumenco Technical Advisor Helen Rogers warns livestock farmers to ensure they take extra precautions this Autumn.

“In some areas, harvest was interrupted by wet spells” says Helen, “And as a result the risk of mycotoxin growth is high. Grains and straw may be affected by Fumonisin toxins, and maize harvested from wet fields is commonly infected by Deaxynivalenol (DON) toxins. Fusarium moulds affect fertility and can cause abortion in dairy cows.” Helen stresses that mycotoxins are often invisible, and infected feed and forages, including grains, hay and silage, will often not show any evidence of mould. 

Helen offers some reassurance to farmers however; “As well as testing and discarding infected feed and forages, there are substances which may help to protect livestock from ingested mycotoxins. Mineral and biological adsorbents may prevent mycotoxins from being absorbed by the gut, and biological transformants such as some yeasts, bacteria and fungi can break down mycotoxins into less harmful forms”.

Recent innovation has seen the emergence of products such as Rumenco Inactyvate Plus, which offers a holistic mycotoxin solution. “The product works in a number of ways to eliminate mycotoxins from the system, stimulate protective yeasts and bacteria in the gut, support the immune system and convert the structure of the toxins so they pass safely. It represents a real “belt and braces” approach to mycotoxin management” Helen says.

Rumenco’s Inactyvate Plus provides broad spectrum mycotoxin protection as well as helping to support the animal’s system against the negative effects of toxins.

On top of binding and transforming toxins to less harmful structures, Inactyvate Plus works to protect organs from damage by any mycotoxins that have entered the bloodstream. It will also support immune response and works to stimulate rumen function to help the body maintain health and production.

Rumenco is offering a free 25kg bag of Inactyvate Plus to 20 farmers. This is worth £80 RRP and sufficient to support up to 100 cows for three days. Go to www.rumenco.co.uk to enter.


Notes to editors

Issued by Liz England, Rumenco, e-mail: lengland@rumenco.co.uk , t: 01283511211


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