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Growing cattle with Maxx Cattle Booster with XPC

With the exception of intensive rearing systems, beef production can be divided into the rearing, growing and finishing phases, with the ultimate aim for cattle to hit target market specifications. Whilst emphasis is placed on a ‘short, sharp period of rapid weight gain’ during finishing, the growing phase focuses on ‘controlled, continuous growth’; making it the longest and most important phase of beef production.

“Beef producers should capitalise on the utilisation of low cost home grown forage over the winter store period to grow cattle at daily liveweight gains between 0.5 and 0.8kg per day, depending on breed and sex. Reliance should then be placed on compensatory growth during the summer by utilising grazing - the cheapest feed on farm” explains Laura Drury, Rumenco Technical Adviser “In order to support a liveweight gain of 0.8kg per day throughout the winter period, store cattle of 350kg liveweight require approximately 70MJ of metabolisable energy per day from a diet that contains 14 to 16% crude protein in the dry matter”. Growing cattle have a dry matter intake of approximately 2.3% of their body weight, meaning silage of medium quality should be adequate providing there is sufficient rumen degradable protein available.“However, with an average crude protein content of 13%, grass silage is unlikely to meet requirements” reveals Laura. “This highlights the necessity for supplementary feeding to support cattle growth rates throughout the store period”. “Furthermore, cattle fed wetter, poorer quality forages are likely to have lower dry matter intakes; therefore more supplementation will be needed to meet energy requirements”. “In addition, latest average forage mineral results show that grass silage is particularly deficient in copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine and selenium necessary to meet the requirements of growing youngstock, therefore mineral and vitamin supplementation should not be overlooked”.

“Offering a palatable high protein and sugar lick, such as Maxx Cattle Booster with XPC which contains 14% crude protein and 12MJ ME/kg DM, alongside a forage-based store ration will help support target performance during the housed winter period” explains Laura. “The additional supply of protein, from natural and urea sources, will help to make up the shortfalls in grass silage, whilst the high sugar and energy content will help increase the intake and digestibility of the overall ration. Moreover, the product contains a range of minerals and vitamins to help balance the low levels commonly found in forages”. “The additional inclusion of Diamond V XPC, a natural fermentation product, not only helps to further enhance forage digestibility, but it also helps improve average daily gain and feed efficiency through the optimisation of rumen health and function, thereby helping to get cattle youngstock off to the best possible start after weaning”.

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