Nutrition and breeding management “essential” to hit KPIs

Replacement heifers and post-calving cows are under a lot of pressure to hit breeding KPIs. Rumenco nutritionist Dr Alison Bond shares how the new formulation of Maxx Cattle Booster Plus will help achieve this. A new formulation of Maxx Cattle Booster Plus will help support herd fertility when fed to replacement heifers and bulling cows […]

Feeding for lifetime performance

As we approach this lambing season, maximising ewe health and lamb survival will be crucial – as rising input costs, along with challenging weather conditions throughout 2023, have put further pressure on margins. Rumenco offers some guidance. Neonatal lamb losses have significant financial implications, with each case costing approximately £25. Producers should be seeking to […]

Rumenco announces acquisition of feed company Owens Nutrition

Ruminant nutrition company Rumenco has announced its acquisition of family-run Owens Nutrition as of 21st September, 2023. The purchase of the North Yorkshire-based business coincides with the retirement of Andrew Owens from the position of company director. Over 25 years the family business has developed a reputation for the manufacture, supply and service of molassed […]

Pre-calving supplement offers nutrition boost as forage quality declines

Beef and dairy farmers preparing for the autumn calving season will likely need to support their cows with additional supplementation to make up for a decline in forage quality, according to Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco. “We’re reaching the time of year when there is a natural decline in forage availability and quality. However, […]

Grass growth above average, but quality poor this year, expert warns

As a recent survey highlights a 20% drop in scanning results last year, and industry data suggesting forage quality is low this year, Rumenco nutritionist Alison Bond highlights the importance of supplementation. A Rumenco survey of scanners representing nearly 500,000 sheep across England, Scotland and Wales found last year’s scanning results to be back an […]

Nutrition tips to counter grass shortage

This summers’ prolonged dry weather is beginning to cause real issues for many cattle and sheep producers across the UK as grazing becomes scarcer at a time when grass growth and subsequent livestock performance should be at its best, says Dr Alison Bond, ruminant nutritionist for Rumenco. Although it may be tempting to hold off […]