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The launch of the brand new Rumenco website back in February was not only welcome news to the 21st century digital world, but especially delighted was Mark Mather of Haugh Head, Wooler, Northumberland; the lucky winner of the exclusive competition held to mark the website launch.

With competition entrants offered the opportunity to win either 10 Rumevite Graze DUP blocks or 10 MAXX Cattle Booster buckets, Mr Mather opted for the MAXX Cattle Booster licks to feed his recently purchased continental cross yearling steers alongside the rough grazing they will be kept at this summer.

“We aim to grow the steers on through the summer before housing them in autumn where they will be finished over 700kg liveweight at 26 months old. Following a discussion with our local Rumenco Area Business Manager Ross Sibbald, we opted for the MAXX licks having decided they would be ideal to help grow the steers on this grazing season as well as assisting with improved grassland management” explains Mark.

“We’ve also used MAXX Energy licks with our flock of 2400 breeding ewes which lamb in three separate groups from March onwards, so we know how well the MAXX licks performs” highlights Mark.

Ross Sibbald explains “The grazing Mr Mather has on the hill is rougher than usual this year, and I felt MAXX Cattle Booster would be ideal for the situation. The combination of protein and energy will help complement the lower quality grass on the hill this year, plus strategic placement of the buckets across the available grazing area will help ensure its improved utilisation through the wider grazing activity of the cattle”. 

From one happy competition winner, the new website will bring its users a wealth of benefits. “The new website was launched with our customers at the forefront. It now forms an integral part of the high customer service standards we offer, allowing us to respond quicker to enquiries whilst offering easy access to clear product information and local stockists”, explains Ellie Cashmore, Rumenco Marketing Assistant. “The homepage also offers the latest seasonal updates and advice to ensure cattle and sheep producers are at the top of the nutrition game”.

Internet addicts are advised to keep an eye out for further competitions on the website homepage and social media to ensure they are in with a chance of winning one of our up and coming fantastic prizes.