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29 Jan 2020

NEW BUCKETS FOR MAXX Energy and MAXX Original 22.5kg

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that by the end of January 2020 MAXX Energy 22.5kg (code – MX21) and...

20 Dec 2019

The high rainfall and saturated ground conditions throughout autumn and into early winter have left pastures lacking in nutrients for out-wintered suckler cows and ewes.

“In many areas of the...

21 Nov 2019

How to optimise nutrition for lambing success

Maximising lamb survival is a key issue at this time of year on all UK sheep farms. Previous work has suggested that almost 50% of all lambing losses...

13 Nov 2019

(Image: Rumenco Beef & Sheep Award presented by Dr Alison Bond to Jonathan Williams and Rhys Roberts)

Rumenco Beef & Sheep Award awarded to the best beef assignment. Module : Sustainable Animal Production...

17 Sep 2019

Autumn grazing provides cattle and sheep with a nutrient rich, low cost feed and it is clear that improved grass utilisation will directly impact farm profitability via improved animal performance. Here, Rumenco’s DrAlison Bond explains how producers can improve grazing utilisation this autumn.

17 Sep 2019

Despite a kind lambing season this year and a good grass growing summer, it is still important to ensure both ewes and rams are in the correct body condition at tupping...