Tecmol Suckler Sensation

High protein mineralised liquid feed, molasses based and containing bonded ‘slow-safe release’ urea plus copper, ideal for suckler cows.

Key features and benefits:

  • Very high protein liquid feed (46% crude protein), containing bonded “slow-safe release” urea to support the utilisation of low protein forages such as maize or wholecrop silages, hay or straw.
  • Energy content helps support optimal body condition score and fertility in suckler cows.
  • High sugar content supports fibre digestion and dry matter intake.
  • Contains optimal levels of copper to help support fertility in breeding cows.
  •  Added vitamins and trace elements help balance potential deficiencies in forages.


Ideal for:

  • Suckler cows offered low protein forages such as maize silage, fermented wholecrop, hay and straw.


Available pack weights

  • 1,000 litres

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