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Sheep Post-lambing Rumevite New Shape

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Specialist bypass protein (DUP) energy feed and mineral block for ewes and lambs post-lambing to support ewe milk production and lamb growth rates.

Features & benefits:

Proven to increase twin lamb weaning weight by 8.4kg*.

High protein, including a very high proportion of rumen-protected soya to supply Digestible Undegradable Protein (DUP), to support ewe milk production and suckling lamb growth rates.

Contains rumen-protected methionine to help support ewe milk production.

Minimises the incidence of mis-mothering after lambing to help improve ewe-lamb bonding and subsequent performance.

Replaces concentrate trough feeding where grazing is adequate (sward height 4cm or greater).

Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily liveweight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.

Also available as a 19 inch feedblock

  *Independent trial compared to no supplementation.