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Specialist high protein and energy feed and mineral block, contains an all-natural fermentation product to help support optimal rumen health, daily liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency. Formulated for growing and finishing lambs after weaning with access to grazing, forages or root crops.

Features & benefits:

Proven to double weaned lamb daily liveweight gain*.

Good levels of energy from fermentable (starch and sugar) and protected (fat) sources to help support target daily liveweight gains and fat cover in finishing lambs.

High protein, from all-natural sources including hi-pro soya, to provide Digestible Undegraded Protein (DUP) to help support good frame and lean tissue (muscle) development.

Contains Celmanax, proven to show consistent beneficial effects on daily liveweight gain, feed conversion efficiency, ruminal and intestinal development and also supports stock through respiratory disease and scouring episodes. 

Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements including Zinpro Availa® zinc to help support good hoof health, and vitamin B1 for where there is a risk of cerebrocortical necrosis (CCN).

Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily liveweight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.

Also available as a 19 inch feed block

*Independent trial compared to no supplementation.


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