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Grazing and home-grown forages are the most cost-effective way of feeding livestock and therefore making the most of these home-grown forages is more important now than ever. Throughout the year, the proportion and nutritional value of grass and forage in the diet will vary considerably. Supplementary feeds work alongside forages to complement them and ensure optimum intake and digestibility of forages throughout the year.

Rumevite forage supplement blocks in particular were developed and launched to the UK market in the early 1960’s. The market has since and continues to grow and develop. Rumevite is a cereal and protein based pressed feed-block that, offered free-access alongside forages throughout the year, will support ruminant nutritional requirements whilst supplying a balance of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Various formulations are available with different analyses, intake and hardness characteristics to suit the multitude of livestock systems in the UK, however, the concept and mode of action of Rumevite is unique but common to all the formulations. 

The majority of Rumevite formulations contain urea as a source of protein and this is an important component in these supplements. Urea contains a high level of rumen degradable protein which is very quickly broken down in the rumen by the microbe population to release ammonia. In the presence of energy, which in the case of Rumevite is fermentable carbohydrate energy from cereals and molasses, the rumen microbes are able to use the ammonia to produce microbial protein. Microbial protein is a high-quality protein that ruminant animals use for milk and lean tissue production. In addition, work has demonstrated that feeding urea can improve the intake and digestibility of low protein forages. Urea is most effective when fed alongside energy and little and often due to the speed of which urea is broken down in the rumen making Rumevite the ideal supplement for this economic nitrogen source.

How does Rumevite work

Rumevite stimulates the rumen to work harder. The combination of protein and energy along with the little and often feeding fuels and increases the rumen bug population. Previous work has demonstrated a 21% increase in fibre (cellulolytic) digesting bacteria in the rumen when fed alongside forage which results in faster degrading of fibre, improved dry matter intakes of forage and improved digestibility. The end result is increased utilisation of home-grown forages and grazing whilst more nutrients are available for production.

Rumevite should be offered free-access alongside forages or grazing, it should be available 24 hours a day and therefore animals are able to feed little and often which provides further benefits to the rumen bug population. Animals have been shown to make up to 27 visits in a 24-hour period to Rumevite blocks, this results in a flow of nutrients throughout the day into the rumen.

Rumevite also contains a full specification of minerals, vitamins and trace elements with some formulations containing higher levels of elements such as magnesium and organic sources of trace elements to improve animal availability.

Since its launch in the early 1960’s there have been many performance and production studies from a variety of independent institutes and on farms from across the UK which confirms the benefits, value and cost effectiveness of feeding Rumevite alongside forage and grazing. Benefits include even individual performance within a group, less bullying and mismothering, improved daily liveweight gain, improved tupping performance and maintenance of body condition score and improved utilisation of forages and grazing, including a 10% increase in forage digestibility.

Furthermore, Rumevite based systems are convenient, labour and time saving compared with conventional feeding systems. Stock only take what they need which means feed-blocks are very economical and compensate for seasonal variation in forages and grazing. There is also less plastic waste with a Rumevite bag compared with a plastic bucket, meaning more of your money goes on feed and not the packaging.

There are currently 8 Rumevite formulations, each available as a 19” traditional block.

  • High Energy & Protein: A high energy and protein feed and mineral block for year-round benefits for cattle and sheep with access to lower quality grazing and forages. Supports optimal health and performance
  • Sheep Super Energy Plus Fish Oil : An extra high energy feed and mineral block containing fish oil for breeding ewes, flock replacements and weaned lambs. Proven to increase lambs born by an extra 15 lambs per 100 ewes tupped. Supports optimal health, fertility and performance
  • Hill Grazer: An extra high protein feed and mineral block for cattle and sheep grazing hill pastures often lacking in essential protein. Supports the health and performance of stock on lower quality grazing or forage
  • GrazeDUP: A specialist bypass protein, energy feed and mineral block for ewes and lambs post-lambing. Proven to increase weaning weight by 4.2kg per lamb when fed post lambing. Supports ewe milk production and lamb growth rates
  • Quality Lamb: A specialist high protein and energy feed and mineral block containing a fermentation product. Supports growing and finishing lambs after weaning with access to grazing, forages or root crops. Proven to double DLWG when finishing lambs getting them off farm 18 days earlier
  • Cattle Booster: A high energy and protein feed and mineral block for dairy cows, suckler cows, replacement heifers and other growing cattle with access to lower quality grazing and forages. Supports the digestion and intake of poorer quality forages, helps support optimal health and performance and improves DLWG.
  • Mag Booster: A high magnesium feed and mineral block for grazing cows and ewes where there is a risk of staggers. Ideal for autumn grazing
  • Magnesium: A high magnesium mineral, vitamin and trace element block for grazing cows and ewes at risk from grass staggers. Ideal for spring grazing

Choose Rumevite forage supplement blocks this year to make the best use of your forages and grazing. Traditional, consistent and research proven to complement your forages.