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Focusing on nutrition not only during the 6-weeks pre-calving but also through to six weeks post service is essential to ensure a 365-day calving period and pro tability on farm this spring.


In addition to supporting calves getting o to the best possible start, correct pre-calving nutrition will also have a large impact on fertility after calving, along with nutrition through to six weeks after service.

The profitability of a suckler herd is directly linked to a herd’s fertility and revolves around every cow producing a calf during a compact calving period every year. The average gestation length for a suckler cow is 285 days and therefore a cow only has approximately 80 days post calving for her uterus to recover and to become pregnant again if she is to maintain a 365-day calving period.

Nutrition from 6-weeks pre-calving through to six weeks after service is critical for fertility as the egg that will be fertilised will be produced during this time, furthermore egg viability and embryo survival can be a ected by excessive loss of body condition during this period. Post-calving cows should be on a rising plane of nutrition, with dietary energy being one of the main limiting factors for reproduction in suckler cows. The trace elements copper, selenium and iodine are also essential for optimising suckler cow fertility.

MAXX CATTLE BOOSTER will help support fertility in housed cattle post-calving. High energy plus minerals and vitamins, speci cally copper will help cows maintain a 365-day calving period.

For cows at grass, where the risk of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers) is high, supplementary magnesium is essential and MAXX CATTLE MAG is ideal. It is highly pallatable, contains 10.5% magnesium along with minerals and vitamins including copper, to support health and performance.



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