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Sheep Feeding in Heavy Snowfall

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Sheep grazing in fields with heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures will almost certainly require additional supplementation to the ration to avoid detrimental body condition score (BCS) loss in mid pregnancy.

Heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures will often restrict the ability of ewes to naturally forage grass and root crops available, limiting the supply of essential nutrients required for normal body maintenance. Recent studies by AHDB have shown a detrimental effect on the ability of ewes to successfully rear lambs when BCS is lost during mid pregnancy, so ewes should be fed appropriately to maintain BCS during this time. To feed a 70kg lowland ewe for maintenance, there is an energy requirement of approximately 9MJ ME per day.

Rumevite forage supplement blocks can be an effective method of supplying additional energy and protein, when offered free-access alongside conserved forages or grazing during periods of heavy snowfall. Blocks are a readily available source of feed with 24 hours a day access, allowing animals to feed little and often which provides further benefits to rumen health. Rumevite also contains a full specification of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support health and production in your flock.


Furthermore, Rumevite based systems are convenient, labour and time saving compared with conventional concentrate feeding systems, especially in periods of heavy snowfall when it may be difficult to reach stock regularly. Stock only take what they need which means feed-blocks are an economical feed source. There is also less plastic waste with a Rumevite bag compared with a plastic bucket, meaning more of your money goes on feed and not the packaging.

Two products suitable for feeding during periods of difficult weather conditions include:

Rumevite Sheep Super Energy Plus Fish Oil, which is an extra high energy feed and mineral block containing fish oil for breeding ewes and flock replacements requiring additional energy supplementation. Supporting optimal health, fertility and performance in your flock.

Rumevite Hill Grazer is an extra high protein feed and mineral block for cattle and sheep grazing hill pastures or forages which are low in essential protein. Supporting the health and performance of stock on lower quality grazing or forages.