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In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of mineral related disorders on farms across the UK, with under supplementation being one of the most commonly observed issues reported. 

Organically reared livestock may be at highest risk of mineral deficiencies due to the low use of mineralised compounds and fertilisers compared to conventional farming. Mineral deficiencies on farm will result in poor performance, and may be seen in livestock with low growth rates, poor fertility, reduced milk yield and can increase an animal’s susceptibility to disease. Most forages provide minerals in some form of another however, the supply of the essential minerals can be variable from one field to another and the supply is not always consistent year on year. Furthermore, some crops contain chemical compounds which can block the uptake of specific minerals within the animal, an example of this would be high levels of glucosinolates present in forage crops blocking the uptake of iodine within the animal. 

If you suspect a mineral deficiency in your livestock, samples of soil and forage can be analysed for mineral supply, alternatively your vet will be able to take blood samples from suspected mineral deficient animals in order to assess the mineral status within the herd/flock.

Due to the complex and in-depth nature of the organic certification standards, choosing a mineral supplement that will benefit livestock as well as one that will comply with the regulations can be difficult and often confusing. However, Rumenco’s new SUPAlyx OFS range is Soil Association approved, reassuring producers that they are complying with the organic standards as well as supplying their livestock with essential minerals to support health and production. Unlike other Soil Association certified mineral supplements available on the market, SUPAlyx OFS has a tailored product range to suit all situations on farm.

For sheep and mixed grazing systems, three products are available, all containing selenium, cobalt and zinc to help support flock health and performance, whilst also balancing deficiencies observed in forage and grazing. The SUPAlyx Sheep GP OFS is suitable for ewes and lambs at key periods of the production cycle, including pre-tupping and early pregnancy. The SUPAlyx Sheep Hi Mag OFS is a highly palatable magnesium mineral supplement, ideal for grazing ewes at risk of grass staggers during spring and autumn. Finally, the SUPAlyx Allstock plus Garlic OFS offers the added benefits of garlic to naturally discourage flies and biting insects during the summer months.

Alternatively, where a cattle supplement with additional copper is required, SUPAlyx Cattle GP OFS can be fed at key periods of the production cycle, supporting herd health and performance on mineral deficient forage diets. Similarly, the SUPAlyx Suckler Cow OFS is designed to support health and performance to suckler cows on high forage diets during key periods of the year. A highly palatable magnesium supplement; SUPAlyx Cattle Hi Mag OFS can be fed during the spring and autumn months where there is a risk of grass staggers. Lastly, SUPAlyx Dry Cow OFS contains low calcium and high magnesium to help reduce the risk of milk fever and slow calving.

*Top tip: Remember to record the name of product and dates of supplementation in your organic certification records! For more information on the SUPAlyx OFS range please visit our contact us page or contact your local area manager from our stockist page.