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Support the ram and optimise fertility with LIFELINE Ram Care

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Careful management of the ram in the run up to sales and tupping is essential for optimal fertility and to ensure the maintenance of body condition score during this difficult time. A ram can lose up to 15% of his bodyweight during tupping and poor condition will therefore have a detrimental effect on fertility.

Previous work has demonstrated that a high concentrate diet can impact ram fertility by reducing both sperm motility and the concentration and percentage of normal sperm, as a result of increased lying time ‘cooking’ the testicles. Therefore when choosing how to feed and supplement as tupping approaches, the aim is for rams to be fit and not fat. The key to this is to avoid high concentrate rations, as rams reared and managed on extensively forage based diets will no doubt be fitter and more fertile, with longer working lifetimes.

Rumenco’s LIFELINE Ram Care is a specifically formulated feed and mineral lick packed with quality natural protein and high levels of energy to support the hard-working breeding ram without the need for substantial concentrates.

LIFELINE Ram Care, is part of the EasicareTM System developed by SAC Consulting to develop sheep systems involving less labour input per head without compromising welfare and production. The lick has been formulated to balance the forage and supplies rams with essential mineral, vitamin and trace elements including vitamin B12 to help support fertility plus added biotin to support hoof health where there is a risk of lameness.

The high level of quality all-natural protein, including hi-pro soya, helps balance grazing and helps to maintain body condition, which for rams the ideal body condition score is 3.5 – 4. LIFELINE Ram Care also contains added fish oil as a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids to support fertility and libido as well as selenised yeast to support optimal sperm quality. The addition of Diamond V XPLS an all-natural feed material helps support optimal rumen health, forage utilisation and efficiency.

For optimal breeding performance offer to breeding rams from 8 weeks pre-tupping. 

  • Supplementing rams fit for the future 
  • Better use of grass and forage without compromising performance 
  • Prepare rams for breeding 
  • Ideal for young rams, reduces reliance on concentrates 
  • Aids recovery after work