Mission & Vision

Rumenco have led the way in feed block manufacture in the UK for almost 60 years.  Aiming to maximise animal performance from home grown feeds, our name and reputation for quality nutritional products is trusted by producers throughout the farming industry in the UK and Ireland, and worldwide, to maximise animal performance.

In the 21st century Rumenco has continued to develop into an innovative, privately-owned ruminant feed supplement business with an entrepreneurial culture as we continue to explore opportunities in allied markets across UK agriculture and overseas.

From the pioneering feed block concept almost 60 years ago through to the development of patented, unique formulations and manufacturing techniques Rumenco have continued to champion innovation and research-based initiatives to maintain our lead in the market for ruminant supplements.

With a customer informed research and development programme, Rumenco leads the field in innovative animal feed solutions. Our team of scientists, nutritionists and veterinary consultants work with producers to conceive and deliver scientifically developed and proven formulations with over 160 on-farm and independent academic trials backing our products.

Our products are sold to farmers, producers and support services through a network of carefully selected distributors, with a focus on providing world class technical and customer support.

Rumenco operates a UFAS accredited manufacturing plant at Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire including a patented low moisture block production facility.

Customers can rest assured in the knowledge that we have invested heavily in high quality standards of manufacturing, customer service, sales and research and place special emphasis on our people strengths and technical ability.

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