Rumenco Group Sustainability Statement

The Rumenco Group has been supporting UK agriculture for over 50 years with innovative products to promote animal welfare and ensure efficient production. We acknowledge the significance and threat of climate change, and the coming decades present an immense challenge for all industry stakeholders. We therefore recognise the importance of ensuring we actively develop all our business operations with sustainably as the core principle.

“Consequently, The Rumenco Group is totally committed to the goal of operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Leadership and all staff are fully engaged in considering the environment in all daily activities and searching for solutions to positively improve our environmental footprint.

“We have set ourselves demanding but achievable goals covering all aspects of our business. These are far reaching across all the organisation and, in addition to energy use and carbon emissions, cover other key areas such as raw material procurement, recyclable status of packaging materials and waste management.

“We actively seek to adopt the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT’s) in our production processes whilst looking to reduce, where possible, the overall business energy consumption through modernisation of plant and equipment.

“In addition to improving our use of resources, we believe the Rumenco Group can make positive contribution to other key areas impacting on environmental sustainability. Improving the efficiency of nutrient use, particularly in ruminants, can have a significant impact on CO2E emissions. We are therefore committed to extensive research and development programmes that seek to provide innovative products and solutions to help farmers reach their own sustainability goals.