4 IN 1

A high specification mineral, vitamin and trace element lick containing natural plant extracts and ZINPRO® Performance Minerals to help support optimal performance of sheep and cattle and complement deficiencies often found in grazing and forage crops.

Key features and benefits

  • Contains plant essential oils selected for their appetite-stimulating effect.
  • Contains highly available performance minerals Availa® Zinc and Selenium to help optimise growth performance, foot/udder health & immune function.
  • Essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help balance potential deficiencies in grazing and forage crops.
  • Includes vitamin B1 for where there is a risk of CCN (cerebrocortical necrosis).
  • Vitamin B12 to help support good growth rates on cobalt deficient pastures.

Ideal for

• Grazing sheep and cattle throughout summer.
• Sheep and cattle grazing forage crops at any time of year.
• Growing lambs on grazing or forage crops where mineral and vitamin supplementation is required.
• Housed or grazing stock under stress.

Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets

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