LIFELINE Pre-Calver Mineral Crumb

A specialist free-flowing mineral crumb for housed dry cows designed to benefit cow and unborn calf for a successful calving and transition.

Key features and benefits

  • Low calcium and high magnesium levels for where there is a risk of milk fever (hypocalcaemia) and to help optimise calving contraction strength to minimise potential calving problems.
  • Blend of nutritional boosters and energy sources plus digestible undegraded protein (DUP) from protected non soya vegetable protein to support the cow’s immune function and colostrum quality.
  • High levels of selenium and vitamin E help support calf vigour and maintain cow health during the transition period.
  • Contains multiple copper sources to help support bulling activity and fertility post-calving.


Ideal for:

  • Dry cows and in-calf heifers from 6 weeks pre-calving.
  • Housed dry cows.


Available pack weights

  • 20kg bags


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