MAXX Cattle Booster Plus

MAXX Cattle Booster PLUS is a targeted energy and protein, dehydrated molassed feed and mineral bucket specially formulated to support optimal herd performance and health, is ideal for bulling cows and heifers plus cattle and youngstock during the grazing season.

Key features and benefits

  • Contains high levels of readily available sugar, energy and balanced protein to help complement grazing, support feed digestion, liveweight gain, optimal body condition score, milk production and overall performance.
  • Contains CELMANAX, a unique pre-fermented yeast culture and refined functional carbohydrate product. The fermented yeast acts to stabilise the rumen environment, increase forage digestibility and volatile fatty acid production, whilst the refined functional carbohydrates support gut health and immune system function thus increasing the amount of energy available for growth and production and helping animals cope with environmental challenges.
  • CELMANAX is scientifically proven to deliver improvements in average daily weight gain and feed conversion, reduction in feed costs and enhanced performance2. Additionally, in studies, due to the higher gains, animals receiving CELMANAX reached finishing weight nearly 14 days sooner than control2 and held a 23kg numerical advantage at slaughter2.
  • Provides a full package of minerals and vitamins to support health, growth and fertility – ideal to supplement forage which is often deficient in copper, zinc, iodine and selenium.
  • Contains optimal levels of copper to help support fertility in breeding cattle and target daily liveweight gain in growing cattle and phosphorus and iodine levels to support stock requirements on forage crops.
  • Includes Availa Zinc & Copper proven to help optimise immune function and support lifetime performance.
  • *Download datasheet for references


Ideal for:

  • All breeding stock, including bulls, in the run up to and during bulling time.
  • Replacement heifers plus growing and finishing cattle.
  • Stock on forage crops due to higher phosphorus and iodine levels.


Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets
  • 80kg tubs



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