Promol Beef

Urea-based high protein mineralised meal, suitable for use with cereal-based premixes or as part of a mixed ration alongside forage.

  • An ideal urea-based protein meal supplement for use in cereal-based premixes to provide a high level of effective rumen degradable protein (ERDP) to improve diet utilisation.
  • Contains sodium bicarbonate to help to support rumen function.
  • Contains added copper, selenium, zinc, cobalt and iodine to support good stock health, as well as supplementing cereals and forages with major minerals plus vitamins A, D3 and E.
  • A non-GM product.
  • Available with added Celmanax, a unique fermentation product containing multiple functional compounds working together to support rumen health, daily liveweight gain and feed conversion efficiency – Promol Beef +


Ideal for:

  • Home-mixing and premixes for cereal-fed cattle or those on low protein, forage-based diets.
  • Ideal for growing and finishing cattle over 12 weeks of age.


Available pack weights

  • 25kg bags

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