Rumevite Quality Lamb 14″

A high energy and protein feed and mineral block specifically for growing and finishing lambs on grazing, forages or root crops

Key features and benefits

  • Proven to double weaned lamb daily liveweight gain*
  • Good levels of energy from fermentable (starch and sugar) and protected (fat) sources to help support target daily liveweight gains and fat cover in finishing lambs.
  • High protein, from all-natural sources including sustainably sourced hi-pro soya, to provide Digestible Undegraded Protein (DUP) to help support good frame and lean tissue (muscle) development.
  • Contains an all-natural fermentation product which optimises rumen function proven to increase daily liveweight gain*.
  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements including Zinpro Availa® zinc to help support good hoof health, and vitamin B1 for where there is a risk of cerebrocortical necrosis (CCN).
  • Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily liveweight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.
    *Independent trial compared to no supplementation.


Ideal for:

  • Growing and finishing lambs on grazing, forages or fodder crops as a replacement for concentrates or where extra supplementation is required.
  • Ewe and ram lambs being retained for breeding.


Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg blocks





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