Rumins Cattle Hi Mag

A high magnesium free-access mineral, trace element and vitamin supplement for grazing cows at risk from grass staggers.

Key features and benefits

  • Contains a high level of palatable bioavailable magnesium for use where there is a risk of grass staggers, especially in lactating cattle.
  • Optimal mineral, vitamin and trace element supply to help balance potential deficiencies in forages.
  • Includes optimal levels of copper to help support fertility in breeding cattle.
  • Waterproofed and flavoured to enhance palatability and ensure intakes.


Ideal for:
• Dairy and beef cows at risk of grass staggers during spring and autumn.

User guide:
• Offer in free-draining containers, mix into feeds or top-dress onto forage to provide the typical daily intakes below.
• We recommend feeding points are set up at a ratio of one per 25 cattle to help control intakes and reduce waste.
• Do not feed to sheep (contains copper).


Available pack weights

  • 25kg bags

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