Highest percentage sugar, dehydrated molassed bucket on the market! Extra high sugar, molassed feed and mineral energy bucket, for cattle and sheep on high protein forages low in sugar (autumn grazing) and compound-based systems to support rumen health and feed utilisation.


Key features and benefits:

  •  Ultra-high sugar level supports the utilisation of high protein levels found in autumn grazing, and the intake and utilisation of compound-based feeding systems.
  • Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily liveweight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.
  • Minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support stock performance, health and fertility.
  • Available as both 22.5kg or 80kg formats to suit your system.


Ideal for:

  • Cattle and sheep with access to high protein forages low in sugar (autumn grazing).
  • Freshly calved cows at risk of ketosis for up to 6 weeks after calving.
  •  Multiple-bearing or thin ewes at risk of twin lamb disease from 2 weeks pre-lambing


Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets
  • 80kg tubs



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