SUPAlyx Cattle Booster

A feed and mineral bucket for cattle on grazing or low energy and protein forages.

Key features and benefits:

  • Balanced protein, containing natural and urea protein to help complement lower quality grazing/forages to support feed digestion and cattle performance.
  • Good levels of energy from fermentable (sugar) and protected (fat) sources to help support optimal body condition score, growth and milk production.
  • Contains optimal levels of copper to help support fertility in breeding cattle and target daily liveweight gains in growing cattle.
  • Essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including protected zinc, to support growth rates, fertility and hoof health.


Ideal for:

  • All breeding stock, including bulls, in the run up to and during bulling time.
  • Replacement heifers.
  • Growing and finishing cattle.


Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets
  • 80kg tubs

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