SUPAlyx Garlic

An essential mineral, vitamin and trace element bucket containing added garlic to help discourage nuisance flies and biting insects during summer and autumn.

Key features and benefits:

  • Contains garlic as a natural means of helping to discourage flies and biting insects which may otherwise cause stress, grazing disturbance and irritation to sheep, growing cattle and cattle where milk is not intended for human consumption.
  • Optimal balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help balance potential deficiencies in forages.
  • Includes vitamin B1 for where there is a risk of CCN (cerebrocortical necrosis) and vitamin B12 to help support good growth rates on cobalt deficient pastures for sheep production.
  • Product should be withdrawn 21 days before slaughter for meat-producing animals, and 7 days before parturition if milk is intended for human consumption.


Ideal for:

  • All classes of cattle and sheep on forage-based systems during warmer months when insect populations are most active.


Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets


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