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A high energy and protein feed and mineral block for ewes and lambs

Key features and benefits

  • High protein, including rumen-protected soya protein, to help optimise ewe milk production and lamb growth
  • Good levels of energy to support milk production in ewes and optimal fat covers in growing and finishing lambs
  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including selenium, cobalt, iodine and protected zinc, to support flock health and performance

Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg blocks

Jac feels that having Rumevite Graze DUP out all the time helps prevent mis-mothering.


Jac Hughes, with help from Siwan, shepherds approximately 800 ewes in the beautiful grounds of Chirk Castle.

Jac lambs outside and last year decided to try Rumevite® Graze DUP for ewes post-lambing. Despite the difficult lambing season in 2018, Jac felt the blocks benefited the ewes and helped prevent mis-mothering. 

This year, Jac fed his ewes a compound feedcontaining quality protein up to lambing, atwhich point he turned ewes on to restedpasture along with Rumevite® Graze DUP.

As with last year, Jac feels that having theblock out all the time helps preventmis-mothering.

"Ewes are much calmer knowing they have suppleme
ntary feed at all times."

Furthermore, the high levels of Digestible
Undegradable Protein (DUP) in Rumevite® Graze DUP, has helped ensure ewes haveplenty of milk for their lambs with uddersalways full.


Help avoid mis-mothering with Rumevite® Graze DUP