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Rumenco is an innovative, privately-owned ruminant feed supplement business with an entrepreneurial culture and aspirations to develop opportunities with UK agriculture and overseas.

  • 1965

    The modern Rumenco was established to launch Rumevite feed block

  • 1980

    Rumenco purchased Tate and Lyle Feeds

  • 1986

    Rumenco was bought by United Molasses Group

  • 1989

    Rumenco purchased protein and fat concentrate specialist Geo A Palmer

  • 1991

    Rumenco purchased the Vecto own label block business

  • 1993

    Rumenco acquired the Colborn Dawes ruminant nutrition business

  • Late 1990's

    Rumenco became market leader in UK cereal blocks market

  • 2001

    Rumenco became privately owned

  • 2001

    Rumenco purchased Uniblock to grow business in Ireland

  • 2008

    Uniblock launched the Bonanza Brand to enter livestock milk replacer market

  • 2000's

    Rumenco became market leader in ruminant feed supplement market

  • 2012

    Rumenco purchased Net-tex Trading Limited renowned for their collate technology sheep and cattle products

  • 2013

    Uniblock Limited acquired the Provimi molasses mineral bucket business in Ireland

  • 2013

    Rumenco set up a dairy hygiene division called Progiene

  • 2013

     Rumenco made investment on innovate plant to manufacture low moisture molasses feed buckets under the MAXX brand