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Research and Development

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Rumenco have led the way in feed block manufacture in the UK for over 50 years during which time the company’s customer informed research and development programme has allowed us to develop and deliver solution based, and proven, products and formulations to continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing agricultural livestock industry.

Over 160 on-farm and independent academic studies support our product development program allowing us to develop patented formulations such as the LIFELINE Lamb and Ewe bucket which is proven by SRUC (formerly SAC) to improve the quality of ewe colostrum at lambing increasing immunoglobulin (IgG) content by over 25%. 

Our manufacturing plant at Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire is home to our low moisture block production facility where our unique patented manufacturing process rapidly dehydrates the molasses in our lick buckets to maximise sugar preservation compared to similar processes to give a hardened lick with controlled intakes which do not compromise the nutrient, mineral or vitamin supply.

Our investment in the highest standards of manufacturing, customer service, sales and research includes an on-site laboratory facility allowing rapid and accurate analysis of finished product as part of UFAS requirements plus analysis of feed and forage as part of our customer offering.

We also work alongside our customers to assist in the formulation of optimum diets for livestock to meet their production requirements.  By providing samples of feed, forage and water for analysis Rumenco can help formulate and provide custom minerals, helping improve production efficiency and reduce feed wastage and environmental losses.