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17 Sep 2019

A u tum n g r a z i n g p r o v id e s c a t t l e a n d s h e e p w i t h a n u t rie n t r i c h , l o w c o st f eed a n d i t i s c l ea r t h a t im p r ov ed g r as s u tili s at io n w il l dir e c t l y im p a c t f a r m p r o f i t a b il i t y v i a i m p r o v ed anima l p e r f o r m a n c e . H e r e , R u m e n c o ’ s D r A li so n B on d e x p l a i n s h o w p r o d u c e rs c a n im p r ov e g r a z i n g u tili s at io n t h i s a u t um n .

17 Sep 2019

Despite a kind lambing season this year and a good grass growing summer, it is still important to ensure both ewes and rams are in the correct body condition at tupping...

17 Sep 2019

Lambing percentage continues to be one of the key factors determining profitability on farm, with the major factor affecting lambing percentage being ewe body condition before and during tupping and through early pregnancy....

16 Aug 2019

NETTEX (a division of Rumenco Ltd) are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement for the acquisition of a cGMP and VMD approved production facility in Lichfield.

10 Dec 2018


In response to the flurry of calls for advice on dealing with potential forage shortages this winter, Rumenco have produced an easy to use forage stocks calculator....

6 Dec 2018


Rumenco has launched a NEW controlled intake lick bucket which is aimed specifically at the calf and youngstock market.

Technical and Marketing Director Mark Scott explains;...


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