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Novatec Skills Centre provides free e-learning CPD modules worth over 100 AMTRA points

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Novatec Skills Centre provides free e-learning CPD modules worth over 100 AMTRA points

Retailers, RAMA’s and instore advisors now have access to a free, easy to use e-learning platform for AMTRA accredited CPD training via the Novatec Skills Centre. Launching with 14 different on-demand modules worth over 100 AMTRA CPD points, areas of training include equine, poultry and production animals.

Novatec, the parent company to the leading Rumenco, Nettex Agriculture, Nettex Equine, Nettex Poultry, and Progiene brands, has developed the interactive modules in collaboration with its own experts and veterinary surgeons.  In addition, the platform has a number of non-accredited video content from experts with real, “hands-on” practical advice.

“Grounded in the equine, poultry and production animal sectors, Novatec’s experts have decades of experience training livestock and equine owners and industry professionals’ best practice for improving animal health and welfare,” says Claire Lalor, Commercial Director for Rumenco. “Paired with animal health leaders like dairy veterinary consultant Dr Tommy Heffernan and backyard poultry expert Clare Taylor, RAMA’s and instore advisors have the ability to learn from the top experts in the industry.”

How to use

Optimised for smartphone, tablet and desktop devices the platform can be accessed from work or home.  RAMA’s can register at and when they complete modules they are sent a certificate immediately and CPD points are automatically sent to AMTRA*– keeping track of the number of points accumulated and eliminating any admin work.

Novatec Skills Centre's user-friendly e-learning platform offers RAMA’s the ability to learn on the go, have real-time access to their AMTRA CPD points without having to report completed training sessions for credit,” says Ms Lalor. “This is ideal for RAMA’s still needing CPD points ahead of AMTRA’s end of June deadline.”

Novatec Skills Centre modules include: 

Production Animals

Calf Rearing and Neonatal Care – 9 AMTRA Points

Colostrum Management – 6 AMTRA Points

Mastitis Control – 10 AMTRA Points

Maximise Calf Health – 8 AMTRA Points

Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition for Ruminants – TBD

Preventing Lameness – 11 AMTRA Points

Basics of Biosecurity – 12 AMTRA Points


Equine Behaviour Management – 18 AMTRA Points

Oestrus Mare Management – 6 AMTRA Points


Egg Quality and Production – 3 AMTRA Points

Internal and External Parasites – 3 AMTRA Points

Introduction to Chicken Health – 3 AMTRA Points

Introduction to Poultry – 3 AMTRA Points

Other Conditions of Poultry – 3 AMTRA Points

To register for a free account, visit For more information from your Novatec representative, email or call 01283 524213.

*Please allow up to 6 weeks from the date of course completion for points to appear on your AMTRA records