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As a core value to the business, Rumenco offer a range of trusted services to the farming industry, with quality and efficiency at the forefront.

Technical services

Our dedicated team of experienced nutritionists work to offer the best advice to farmers, with a focus on maximising animal performance and health.

Using our wealth of practical experience combined with UK industry standard software and access to the latest technical information, we offer accurate least-cost on-farm rationing solutions for beef, sheep and dairy ruminant livestock, in order to achieve the best possible balance between nutritional, practical and financial factors.

Laboratory services

As a participating member of the Forage Analytical Assurance (FAA) group, the Rumenco on-site laboratory offers accurate, efficient and reliable forage testing using the latest Near Infra-Red Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology. Our forage analysis service offers the basis to which a complete ration can be formulated.

Rumenco also has excellent on-site laboratory facilities for rapid and accurate analysis, which establishes product assurance to give you peace of mind.

For further details regarding our services, please contact us.