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Extra high energy feed and mineral block containing fish oil for breeding ewes, flock replacements and weaned lambs to support optimal health, fertility  and performance.

Features & benefits:

Proven to increase lambing percentages by up to 22%*.

Extra high energy levels from fermentable (starch and sugar) and protected (fat) sources to help support ewe body condition from tupping through to lambing, as well as growth performance of flock replacements and weaned lambs.

Good levels of protein, including natural and urea sources, to help support milk production in ewes and good frame growth in flock replacements and weaned lambs.

Contains fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids to help support fertility and conception rates at tupping time.

Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help complement levels often found lacking in forages, including protected zinc to help support fertility and hoof health.

Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily liveweight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.

Also available as a 19 inch feedblock

*Independent trial compared to no supplementation.