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A unique mineral, vitamin and trace element bucket for in-calf cows and heifers to help optimise the calving process and immunity in the calf

Key features and benefits

  • LIFELINE Pre-Calver bucket is proven to increase Colostrum quality (lgG) by up to 20%*
  • High levels of magnesium help optimise calving contraction strength to help minimise potential calving problems
  • Includes a blend of nutritional boosters, including lactose, mannan-oligosacharides and beta-glucans to support the cow’s immune function and colostrum quality
  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including good levels of selenium and vitamin E, to help maintain cow health during the run up to calving

Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets
  • 80kg tubs

*Independent Commercial Trial

For every beef suckler farmer, a successful calving period is of critical importance and plays a key role in determining the overall profitability of a herd. Pedigree Welsh Black cattle breeder and Denbighshire Welsh Black Cattle Society (WBCS) council member, Beth Rees, has seen superb results ever since introducing LIFELINE Pre-Calver to her herd.

Mrs Rees and her husband run a closed pedigree herd of 25 Welsh Black suckler cows at Cae Mawr; a small hill farm comprising of 130 acres situated 600ft above sea level rising to 900ft. 15 years ago, the couple decided to join the Premium Cattle Health Scheme run by the Scottish Agricultural Society, and in 2001 achieved the Elite Status. “As far as I am aware, we are the longest standing Elite herd of cattle in the Premium Health Scheme” says a proud Mrs Rees.

The herd is housed in late November, in preparation for calving in early spring. At housing, the cattle are fed home grown big bale silage, and approximately 6 weeks before calving commences, the cows are offered Rumenco’s LIFELINE Pre-Calver buckets. LIFELINE Pre-Calver is a unique supplement for in-calf cows and heifers, specifically formulated to enhance colostrum quality and yield, optimise calf immunity and vigour, and support an easier calving process.

“We used to have some lethargic calves, which would mean us having to intervene to get that vital colostrum into them in the first couple of hours” explains Mrs Rees. “I first heard about LIFELINE Pre-Calver through my involvement with the WBCS journal, and thought I would give it a try”.

For every suckler farmer, an easy calving and low calf mortality are two of the most important factors at calving time, with calves vigourous and suckling fast, and having access to a plentiful supply of quality colostrum. “Since using LIFELINE Pre-Calver, the calves are lively and up on their feet straight away, and we didn’t have any lazy calves or prolonged calvings last year. Even my first calvers produced plenty of good quality colostrum” reveals Mrs Rees. “A live calf from an easy calving is the most important factor for every farmer”.

Mrs Rees advocates, “I would recommend LIFELINE Pre-Calver to any suckler herd farmers; both pedigree and commercial. The product really does do what it says on the box!”

Beth also uses Rumenco’s MAXX Energy, MAXX Cattle Mag and SUPAlyx Garlic tubs, and has found the products that she has used to date to be of excellent quality.


Beth Rees, Pedigree Welsh Black Breeder, Denbighshire.