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A unique specialist pre-lambing feed and mineral bucket designed to benefit both the unborn lamb as well as the ewe

Key features and benefits

  • Original patented formulation, and the only product proven by SAC to increase colostrum quality, including a 25% increase in IgG levels
  • High energy, from several sources, ideal for ewes at risk of twin lamb disease
  • Includes a blend of nutritional boosters, including lactose, mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans to support the ewe’s immune function and colostrum quality
  • Supports an easier lambing, and contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including good levels of selenium and vitamin E, to support lamb vigour

Available pack weights

  • 22.5kg buckets
  • 80kg tubs

LIFELINE is aptly named as it really has helped us, streamlining and making lambing a less stressful time, it does the job. As soon as lambs and calves hit the ground they are trying to stand up and suck.

North-East sheep and beef producers JJ & JM Sanders have come to expect a far easier lambing and calving season and a crop of good, strong lambs and calves from a variety of breeds since taking decisive steps recently to streamline their supplementary feeding system at these key times.

John and Juliet Sanders with son Richard and daughter Lucy run a large flock of Cheviot cross Mules and Beltex crosses alongside 120 suckler cows including 80 mostly pedigree Simmental cows. Juliet is the outgoing Chairman of the North-West Simmental Club and

they are well known locally for breeding all of their own replacement stock. The cows calve all year round and are in-wintered on ad lib dry haylage plus restricted fodder beet to add energy. Lambing starts around 10th April at grass, but ewes are then housed for 24 hours to

ensure lambs are well bonded before turning back out. The sheep are also fed haylage and fodder beet plus Rumenco’s LIFELINE buckets.

Since using the LIFELINE John says he has seen an improvement in calving and lambing ease, with less interventions, extra vigour in the newborns and lots of colostrum. The Beltex have big lambs that were sometimes difficult to get out and slow to get going and likewise

with the Simmental cows. But since a neighbour gave John some empty LIFELINE buckets to use for water and he read the product benefits on the label they have not looked back. “Lambs come out greased with loads of birthing fluids and calves are more alert, heads

are up straight away and get sucking very quickly”, says John. “We tried LIFELINE with the sheep first, and because it made such a difference we then tried it on the cows”. We have had our easiest ever calvings since using Lifeline and we wouldn’t calve again without it”. John particularly remembers two heifers with big calves that he thought would present difficulties, but they calved with ease.”

“The research conducted in conjunction with SAC showed that it is possible to achieve a 25% increase in the IgG content of ewe colostrum if you substitute a standard high energy bucket with LIFELINE says Philippa Gill, the Rumenco Area Business Manager”. “The immune protein IgG is an important measure of colostrum quality that infers passive immunity to disease in young lambs and calves. As all stock people know, healthier lambs and calves have

increased feed intakes and growth rates, show improved early vigour and general health, thrive and are less likely to suffer from conditions such as coccidiosis, hypothermia and mis-mothering. Losses due to predators may also be reduced when lambs are livelier if born outside.

The Sanders family introduce LIFELINE to their ewes and cows a month or so before lambing and calving. “LIFELINE is aptly named as it really has helped us, streamlining and making lambing a less stressful time, it does the job. As soon as lambs and calves hit the ground they are trying to stand up and suck”.

Juliet Sanders, Chairman of the North-West Simmental Club, North-East England.